AKC’s Breeder of Merit Program “honors breeder/exhibitors’ dedication and hard work as they continue to produce dogs that are healthy, capable, and beautiful. The foundation of today’s AKC Breeders of Merit have the power to influence, guide, and teach future breeders, exhibitors, and all purebred dog owners.”

Welcome to this website featuring six American Kennel Club Breeders of Merit for the Glen of Imaal Terrier. These Glen of Imaal Terrier breeders have bred and reared Glen of Imaal Terrier puppies and shown, and finished to Championships and Grand Championships many Glen of Imaal Terriers. These breeders are the source of Glen of Imaal stars in tracking, agility, earthdog, obedience, rally, pet therapy, Canine Good Citizen and most importantly (even for show dog owners) devoted family pets and companions.

These breeders have over 75 combined years of working with Glen of Imaal Terriers and consistently produce top Glen of Imaal Terrier puppies both for the show ring, performance sports, pet therapy and for the family pets. They have placed puppies throughout the U.S. and Canada and have experience both importing and exporting Glens to exchange bloodlines and improve this rare breed’s genetic diversity. They have traveled extensively to acquire a deep knowledge of the breed, especially to Ireland, where the Glen originated in the Wicklow Mountains, and have connections with top breeders throughout Europe.

  • They have long membership & involvement in the national breed club, the Glen of Imaal Terrier Club of America.
  • They help organize the Glen Gathering, where all Glen owners and people interested in the breed can meet informally with lots of Glens, try out different activities with Glens, learn grooming skills, and hear educational speakers about the breed.
  • They are at the forefront of health issues with the beloved Glen of Imaal Terriers, screen their breeding stock for known genetic diseases, such as OFA and Pennhip for hips, PRA gene CRD3 and participate in AKC’s CHIC health database.
  • They go far and wide for stud dogs for their breeding programs, even using frozen semen if necessary, to maintain the essential characteristics and temperament of this unique breed.
  • They take their mentoring responsibilities seriously, and are available for guidance and advice to owners of their puppies for life. They help new exhibitors and breeders as well as pet owners get started on the right track.
  • They are a knowledgeable resource for Glen Rescue, evaluating dogs, receiving and giving referrals for older Glens that need a new home.
  • In addition to puppies, they sometimes have adult Glens available, such as retired breeding stock and show dogs.
  • They love to share their passion for Glen of Imaal Terriers.

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